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The Pilgrims at Plymoth Landing in 1620

American Made products have roots back to the Mayflower.  American made products have roots back to all nations on the globe.  We are passionate about improving the American economy by promoting American Made products.  To accomplish this goal, Made In America (USA) Products have created an American Made LINKS page that has links which can take you to Millions of American Made products.  This website was created in August of 2011, as the authors, we had been thinking of ways to promote American Made Products to improve the American economy.

We are interested in knowing what your company has that is American Made, and where you sell those products.  You may visit the Get Listed page where you can take a Listing.   If you need help placing the Listing or using the Get Listed page, just use the Contact Us page or right sidebar Contact Us button.  You may become a site member from the right side bar at the top of most pages. 

If you are like most web surfers, you are constantly looking for the next thing on your mind, so Made In America (USA) Products provides Google Search features at the top and bottom of most pages for your convenience.

We enjoy our American freedoms and history.  To that end the idea that providing some of America's founding documents would be of interest to many visitors from around the world.  Start with the one page Mayflower Compact (in print or picture).  If you have never read this, you will see the spark of America in this one page.  To find more of the fiber of this Great Nation, go to the Documents page, where you may download some of Americas greatest founding documents.  If any of this sparks questions about America, or this website, please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, where questions lead to answers!

In more than 50 years of experience, the 'high road' is the better road to take.  A positive approach or attitude toward the Global Economy and Fair Trade is supported here at Made In America (USA) Products

Every one likes to have fun now and then, so check out the Videos for Made In America (USA) Products! This archive has videos that are informative, entertaining, and pertain to American made products.  Made In America (USA) Products spend several hours a day reviewing videos for this archive.

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Today information is at your fingertips, with a quick easy search you can find most anything on the internet.  We try to make it easy for people in all the social circles to find information on who, what , why, where, when and how to buy American made products. 

To that end, we have social memberships in many places for a variety of reasons, including providing products, connecting with manufacturers and providers, and describing the economics, regulations, benefits and more for American made products. 

You can find us in all of the following social venues, but we hope that you come back here often:

Please join and contribute to the Google + Made In America Community .  This community was started in December, 2012.  This community is open to all people that want to affect a positive increase in the availability of American Products. There are now over 200 contributors, 11/2013.

Our profile is listed above, here are some of the Lenses (websites/blogs with focus) we have posted there.  These may give you more insight about the foundations that this American Made web site is built upon:

A final thought from us to explore, 
every child dreams of a world at peace,
with harmony, love and so much more,
even if you think it may never come true,
with your belief the chances increase,
do not give up or the dream is through.

If you are or are not an American, we love you too! 
You may buy American made and we will love you more!

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