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Introducing Alice F. Knot, Spokesrope for Made In USA

Posted by on January 7, 2014 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

This is my friend, Alice F. Knot.  She is the spokes rope for Made In America. Alice is Red and White and sometimes a bit blue.  Don't try to sell her a pretencious product like American Eagle or American Girl Doll, which she knows are not Made In America.  If you offer her these products she will reply simply I'm A. Freyed Knot.  You can expect to hear more from Alice and her relatives, she comes from a long 'line'.  

You have likely heard the story that Alice was in a bar, the bar tender asked her if she wanted something to drink, she said "I'm  A. Freyed Knot".  Now Alice is moving on, she soaked up enough at the bar.  Her and her 'Granny', brothers 'Slip' & 'Square'.  I have pictures of them too, I'll post them when I am not tied up.  LOL

Hurricane Sandy - Antique Autos

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People that work on Antique Autos do it out of love, not profit.  They have take old busted up junk and made it new again.  When Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast over a year ago, industry analysts are saying that the hurricane was the worst disaster to hit the classic car industry ever.

In their effort to heal, one class with a Student named Ashley brought this to my attention.  Much like people love their dogs, antique autos are very much part of people's families.  I claim no affinity to the insurance industry, but to read more about this go to The Classic Car Industry and Hurricane Sandy .  When you read this think about the devistation our east coast suffered, help if you can.


Posted by The FootMate System on December 20, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)


COMMERCE, CA - December 6, 2013. Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, 40th California Congressional District toured the Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. manufacturing facility last month. During the tour, company President and CEO, Ken Rakusin, explained the art of brush making to the Congresswoman. The Congresswoman was very impressed with the state-of-the-art equipment used in making brushes. "I did not know brush making was this complicated and intricate", said Roybal-Allard.

As she walked through the plant, the Congresswoman met with the artisans that make 15,000 different kinds of brushes produced by the Company. More than 90 percent of the company's employees are Hispanic, and many of them are second-generation employees. Some of its employees have been with Gordon Brush for more than 35 years. "Having this loyal and trusted workforce is a testament to the employment opportunities that you have provided for your workforce and the service to our community, remarked the Congresswoman to Mr. Rakusin.

The Congresswoman was also extremely appreciative of the Company's "American Made" initiative and commitment. "Businesses that manufacture in America create great employment opportunities in our communities. We need to Make it in America!", said the Congresswoman. In addition, Gordon Brush is featured on many American and USA made websites

Company President and CEO, Ken Rakusin, said, "it was a great honor to have Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard visit Gordon Brush and tour the plant. Not every company is visited by a member of the United States Congress. Moreover, said Rakusin, we are proud to be an American manufacturer and maintain our plant in the Los Angeles area, resisting the temptation to relocate to another state or off-shore".

At the conclusion of her visit, the Congresswoman was given the FootMate® System as a gift. The FootMate® System goes in the bath or shower to clean and massage feet without having to bend over. The brush and specially formulated Rejuvenating Gel™ keeps feet odor free, clean, soft, and supple. "With my hectic schedule and being on my feet for long periods of time, I can use the FootMate® System at the end of the day to give my feet the attention they deserve", noted the Congresswoman.

Gordon Brush is recognized by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting ("CMTC") as part of their Made in California Program. CMTC is a non-profit consulting company whose mission is to create solutions for the improvement of our customers' performance by fostering innovation and sharing knowledge.

6247 Randolph Street • Commerce, California 90040-3514 • phone (323) 724-7777 • fax (323) 724-1111

For Further Information Contact:

Alan Schechter

Director of Sales and Marketing


One of the versatile ways Bamboo can be used; Deodorize your Homes with Bamboo!

Posted by Todd Andrews on November 24, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)

You have heard of bamboo clothing and the many benefits theathletes who wear them have testified. Their comfort, the cooling and heatingeffect it provides during climatic changes. The wicking properties the fabrichas to persons who live active lives and have the potential to perspire a lot.The anti-bacterial properties it produces in not having to contend with beingsmelly if you wear the garment continuously during the day after heavyworkouts.


Bamboo is also incredible useful in providing you with odorfree homes. Can you imagine the benefits of charcoal? Well this is what bamboocharcoal does; it deodorizes your homes, closets, shoes, gym bags,refrigerators, storage boxes,  anywhereyou have potential for smelly, bamboo charcoal will eliminate the odor. Whatthe charcoal does is to absorb the odor from whatever and wherever it isplaced. The product is environmentally friendly, and no chemicals are used tomanufacture this product.


The charcoal is packaged in sachets that can be placed inall the areas mentioned above. The smaller space requires a 0.9 oz sachet fordeodorizing. These spaces can be shoes gym bags or drawers. The medium spacesrequire uses of 5.3 oz sachet to deodorize the fridge, cabinets, storage boxesand spaces of those sizes. The larger spaces require 17.6 oz sachets that willeliminate odor from rooms and closets of 90 square meters. Use more sachets ifan area is larger, and in order to obtain maximum results.


The sachets are useable for up to 12 months. They can beplaced in direct sunlight for 2 hours once per month in order to maintain itseffectiveness. During the 12 months, you may notice the discoloration of thesachet packaging; this is to show you the amount of pollutants it has beeneliminating from your surroundings. When the package is completely discolored,you know it is time to put out a new batch. The used sachets of bamboo charcoalcan be torn, and the charcoal pieces placed in the soil of your potted plants,to provide nutrients and help to retain moisture in the soil. This is calledrecycling!  Isn’t this wonderful? Nothingis wasted as the pieces breakdown easily in the soil.


Bamboo charcoal is manufactured from the Moso’ Bamboo and itcan be had in British Columbia.Not because it is a plant from the grass family makes it less viable. The manyuses of this incredible plant are inexhaustible, and I believe there are manymore uses that we have not thought of as yet.

Have a look at few bamboo products here.


Proud To Be An American manufacturer

Posted by The FootMate System on November 13, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Proud To Be An American Manufacturer

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc, a 62 year old ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of over 15,000 American

made brooms and brushes for industrial and commercial applications is under constant competitive

threat from Chinese made products. Patriotism is paramount at Gordon Brush. For example, Gordon

Brush has made brushes for the United States Army to clean the main gun on the Abram's tanks, saving

the Department of Defense over $1.5 billion. The Company also has made brushes that were used on

the space shuttle, the lunar module, and brushes to clean the guidance system and guns on the Apache


Gordon's Milwaukee Dustless brush line of janitorial cleaning tools and its health and wellness product,

the FootMate® System, face the most intense pressure from lower priced Chinese made products, in

many distribution channels. Many end users are willing to sacrifice cost over quality, even though in the

long run it ends up costing them more because they have to replace sub-standard product more

frequently. Moreover, these lower quality products do not do the job for which they were intended,

thus leaving a substandard work-product.

Even under these competitive threats, "the Company has been steadfast in its philosophy and

commitment to manufacturing in the United States", said Ken Rakusin, president and CEO.

"Manufacturing in California and Wisconsin is still a viable model, even if it brings with it some tough

challenges. Gordon Brush prides itself on its American heritage dating back to 1897, when the first

dustless brush was invented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by the Milwaukee Dustless Brush Company, which

was acquired in 2005", further added Rakusin.

"Companies that have nothing to differentiate themselves on besides price are the most vulnerable to

the threat of lower priced Chinese made products; that's a no-win game. Gordon Brush chooses to

compete on value-added, said Rakusin. Offering premier products with superior customer service have

enabled the Company to grow and prosper in spite of the Chinese threat. "The Milwaukee Dustless

motto: Innovative Products that Clean Better and Last Longer is a testament to this philosophy, said


In addition to the Gordon and Milwaukee Dustless line of brushes, the Company's recently introduced

the FootMate® System. The Podiatrist recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health

easy. It is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet

every time you shower.

The FootMate® System is a brush and specially formulated gel that goes in the bath or shower to clean

and massage your feet without having to bend over. The FootMate® System stands head-and-shoulders

(or perhaps foot-and-heels) above the Chinese competitor. The FootMate® brush has over 11,000

bristles and weighs over three pounds compared to the 1,000 bristle, few ounces weighing Chinese

competitor. "The FootMate System is a high quality American made product that will last and not

crumble, exclaimed, Rakusin.

6247 Randolph Street • Commerce, California 90040-3514 • phone (323) 724-7777 • fax (323) 724-1111 • •

Gordon Brush never considered off-shore manufacturing to become more price competitive. Our

American made products give us the ability to display our patriotism and pride and to create feelings of

goodwill when our customers receive American-made items.

When considering off-shore manufacturing, the allure of international low-cost labor has to be balanced

with loss of control, local customs challenges and costs. "Product reliability, and safety and compliance

measures, less inventory/stock issues, and difficulties bringing a distinct company culture across the

world, was all contributing factors against going off-shore", according to Rakusin. In addition, the cost

of shipping and the ability to offer same day shipping on most standard brushes was also a major factor

in keeping business here in the United States", said Rakusin.

"In spite of all of these issues, I was determined to build and grow my business in the United States by

re-investing profits into the purchase of millions of dollars in manufacturing equipment and machinery;

pride in contributing to the American economy is near-and-dear to my heart", further proclaimed

Rakusin. "Moreover and perhaps most importantly, added Rakusin, are my valued, long-tenured, skilled

employees. I have well over 100 employees, plus their families, for who I am responsible. I tell them

that Gordon Brush is a great place to work and we are committed to enhancing their lives. Brushmaking

is an art; I would not have a business without these skilled artisans. I would be a hypocrite if I

ignored that commitment for the purpose of improving my bottom line."

"There are tremendous problems all over the world, said Rakusin and the United States leads the world

in providing support for the destitute. There are people in America who are hungry or out of work or

can't afford health insurance. My priority is to want to help them first by supporting the local

community. That means keeping my business here."

In 2003, nearly 15 million Americans were employed in manufacturing jobs, but that number had dipped

below 12 million by 2013. A 2011 study by the Boston Consulting Group that predicts that by 2015, the

United States will "experience a manufacturing renaissance as the wage gap with China shrinks. If the

Chinese wage trend continues, 1 million manufacturing jobs could return to the United States by 2015,

the study said. Over the next five or 10 years, international trade will swing from continent to

continent. As labor costs in China rise, manufacturing will move to Thailand, Vietnam or India. This will

present a new set of problems.

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and leading manufacturer of specialty, custom and

standard brushes for industrial and consumer purposes. The company makes the FootMate System as well as over

15,000 other medical, industrial, janitorial, and electronic brushes at its 51,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in

Commerce, California It stocks over 2,000 different brushes for same day shipment selling to a variety of industries

including medical, electronics, manufacturing, military, aerospace, and pharmaceutical. Gordon Brush has been

featured on the ION Network, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg News, and in the Los Angeles Times. The company has

received Member Resolution No. 1402, sponsored by Senator Ronald S. Calderon, 30th California State Senate


6247 Randolph Street • Commerce, California 90040-3514 • phone (323) 724-7777 • fax (323) 724-1111 • •

For Further Information Contact:

Alan Schechter

Director of Sales and Marketing


Push Underground: An American Company

Posted by PUSH underground on October 7, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

PUSHunderground is an American-made, woman-owned startup based in Santa Cruz, California. Buying American and saving our environment isour passion.Our mission is to create the world’s most cutting-edge, comfortable and functional sportswear using recycled water bottles, leaving nothing in our wake but inspiration.

PUSHunderground clothing is made with the goal to create a clothing line that is

• Cutting edge

• Comfortable

• Functional

• High Quality

• Looks Good

• Gives Back


Our goal is to help American-based manufacturing make a comeback, creating jobs and strengthening our communities. Our fitness apparel is made by recycling used water bottles into a high-performance, high-quality fabric. We donate a portion of every sale to building wells in water-scarce communities around the world.

We have launched an indiegogo campaign to introduce our crosstraining line, focused on the CrossFit/Weightlifting athlete. With the proceeds from indiegogo, we can expand our line into yoga and crosstraining apparel, and begin bringing even more exciting projects to fruition.

Help support Push Underground's american made products by visiting our indiegogo page and donating.


An American Book "The Polaris Effect"

Posted by on May 29, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Rick Roedel has written a book that educates Americans, and hopefully turns them to buying American Products.  The book is called The Polaris Effect, and I am honored to feature this book here on my Blog.

Here is a Press Release about the The Polaris Effect

Made In The USA: American Consumers can bring back 3 million U.S. manufacturing jobs by just buying American made, says Author Richard Roedel.

In his new book The Polaris Effect, Roedel starts a movement to empower U.S. consumers to purchase American-made products. 

I hope that all of the Made In America movements and promoters like Rick and I get together and promote eachothers ideas.  I hope that American's will take the actions needed to make America strong again.  Please take a look at Rick's The Polaris Effect.,  ( ).

UjENA Swimwear, Making Women Feel Sexy Since 1984

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UjENA Swimwear Cut and Sewn

in Northern California,

Ready for Spring

UjENA Swimwear is handmade in Mountain View California.  You can get women's swimwear made with style in America!  The first time I heard of UjENA was in a Follow Friday Tweet where they were mentioned, so I followed them and looked at their website.   Their Twitter profile says that their swimsuits are made in California, which caught my attention.  Finally, a fun product to promote.  It is a tough task but someone has to do it...  I had to pour over hundreds of swimsuit pictures to get just the right ones for this blog.  It was painful (lol). 

UjENA has so many YouTube videos, I had to watch them to decide which ones to show you here too.  In my research I discovered that the swimwear could be categorized by styles, and organized this Lens by style.  You will find a picture of the style, a heading and sub-heading, some text about that picture, followed by a YouTube video, and some swimsuits from Amazon.  The UjENA Twitter account last 5 tweets are shown near the end of the lens, then there is a little about me.  I hope you like products Made In America and follow some of my work here on Squidoo, on Twitter, and on my website

UjENA has been "making Women feel sexy since 1984", which is the UjENA Tag LineUjENA was founded in 1984, almost 30 years ago.  The company is strong, has a great variety in their product line, and cares about their customers.  UjENA is responsive in every way a business should be, for example when I Tweet to them, they respond with very plesant and direct messages. 

UjENAs maturity includes a full product line of:  SwimdressesOne PieceTwo PieceTankinis; Bikinis; and Cover-ups.  They have partner and wholesale programs for the ambitious sales folks as well.  UjENA cares about the health and fitness of their customers and have a web section dedicated to health of their customers.  Size and fit of their products is well described and they carry swimwear for all women, not just a stereotype.  My favorite thing about UjENA is their products are Made In America.


UjENA Diamond Head Chamois & Jungle Twist 

Made In America, Mountain View, California, Just for You! 


The Diamond Head Bikini caught my eye immediately.  It stands out from all the rest, and trancends brands as well.  It is primitive and playful yet stylish all at the same time. Three options on the Diamond Head Bikini below include:   a medium size Set;  a Bikini Bottom only option, (not Sponge Bob);  and a Chamois variation.


The Jungle Twist was the second bikini that caught my eye and ranks second only to the Diamond Head.  But everyone has their own perspective, so I thought it was a good idea for you to see another eye catching beauty.  Two size combinations of the Jungle Twist are presented here.


Two Piece Swimwear in History

Bikini History in Brief

If you carve away a Woman’s swimwear down to the point that only the needed coverage and ties remain, (based on social norms), you have a bikini. Apparently the navel is ok to show wherever bikini’s are culturally approved. The two piece swimwear known now as a bikini has historic evidence of existence as far back as 1600 BC. My guess is that the bikini goes back in history to the existence of Woman.

The name bikini came from Louis Reard in 1946, a mechanical engineer from France. There are thoughts about why this name, and reference is made to Bikini Reef, an island in the south pacific. In the same or near the same time frame, Jacques Heim had created what he called the “Atome”, a swimsuit for women small like the smallest know particle to man the “atom”. Louis Reard began selling his bikini on the French Riviera. Louis Reard was the obvious winner in marketing, because the name bikini dominated, and Louis is credited with ’inventing’ the bikini.

When you think about the functionality of a bikini, it’s purpose is to cover the parts of a Woman’s anatomy deemed by society to be inappropriate if uncovered in public. Two possible reasons include censorship and practicality. Censorship has its base in the belief that an uncovered Woman will arouse lust. This is arguable, but not in the scope of this lens. The practical reasons, even in a non-prudish society, for the design of the bikini make sense based on the Woman’s monthly cycle and lactating coverage. In the reading that I have done on this topic, no one has clear evidence of the reasons for the bikini like design, so I submit that what makes the most sense is probably the reasoning.


Beach House Tankini, Video


Ujena Beach House Tankini Z211

Handmade in the UjENA California factory.


UjENA Swimwear - Made In America, Mountain View California" target="_blank">" target="_blank">@UjEnaSwimwear

More Reasons and Finding Made In America

Posted by on December 22, 2012 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

There is an 'Cute' blog site called SQUIDOO that allows you to write UNIQUE blogs. I had made the mistake of posting one of my existing blogs there which they do not like. So, I wrote some UNIQUE perspective on more Reasons to Buy Made In America products, titled Finding Made In America Products. Click on the link and give me some feed back there.


Acrylic Paint and Custard Cups

Posted by on December 15, 2012 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today to my surprise, my Wife has begun to become "Made In America" conscience.  She brought home FolkArt Acrylic paint from, and Custard Cups from Anchor Hocking Company.  It was her after all that inspired me to begin my website and promote products Made In America, so it is fitting that I observe her 'walking the walk' now.  Please make comments about who influenced you, or who you influence.  You may comment on this blog, subject to moderator approval for family friendly content and positive approach to approval or critique.

The Anchor Hocking Company "about us" text: 

"Founded in 1905, Anchor Hocking is a leading marketer and manufacturer of a comprehensive line of glass products including beverageware, candle containers, servingware, ovenware, storageware, lighting components and other glass products sold under various brand names or as customized solutions for private label lines. Anchor Hocking is the second largest supplier of glassware in the United States. Its glassware products cross all price points through the retail, specialty (business-to-business), and hospitality channels."

The Plaidonline "About PLAID" text:  "


Plaid Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world's largest, most diverse manufacturers of creative do-it-yourself products. Our product innovation and dedication to the ever-changing needs of consumers have made the Plaid family of products among the most recognized and desired brands worldwide.

In the Beginning...

In 1976, Plaid founder David Cunningham set out to "create a diversified, yet synergistic company that would provide the most complete, comprehensive programs available to market and sell craft products." Plaid Enterprises, Inc., thrives today as powerful proof that dreams can become reality.

Plaid's first product category was how-to publishing covering the hottest crafts of the era--macramé, beading, decoupage and decorative painting. The company soon expanded to manufacture the products called for in how-to books. Paint was one of the first products targeted, and production began in consultation with leading decorative artists. Today, Plaid is the industry's leading small batch paint manufacturer, producing all USA-made paint in facilities located outside of Atlanta, GA.

The company continued to evolve with the craft industry, developing products in tune with trends—stenciling, faux finishes, fashion, glass crafts—reaching out to new artists and markets, including home improvement. Plaid was also the first craft company to sell products on television via infomercials and home shopping channels.

Notable brands in Plaid's portfolio include FolkArt®, Gallery Glass®, One Stroke™, and one of the industry's best known, Mod Podge®, a favorite since 1967. In 1996, Bucilla, the nation's needlecrafts leader, was added to the Plaid fold.

Today, Plaid remains true to its roots, leading the way and setting standards for craft products, programs, marketing, inspiration and education. "

15 Reasons to Buy American Made Products

Posted by on December 15, 2012 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (4)

If you are asking "why should I buy American" products, then you should consider the following 15 reasons for buying products Made In America as they relate to the global economy. These topics are the topics of many blogs throughout the internet, and on the Made In America (USA) Products website.

For every reason to buy American products you can find more research, articles, and justifications all over the internet.  The research to back up what is being pointed out here can be found in a matter of minutes.  Some links as reference materials for this article have been provided.  You should look for these topics and verify that these points are true for yourself.  We will enhance these points here over time, and you can certainly add comments.  This will not be a STATIC entry.  Please keep comments positive and constructive (not derrogotary).

This list is not a comprehensive list of the reasons for buying Made In USA products, however most other specific topics will fit within the context of one or more of these topics:

  1. A Vision for Americas Future. This can be based on American principles, past and present: Please don't think that Jefferson or Obama determine the ultimate vision for America, those are political views that are balanced by the American political structures.  If you are an American, living in America you can improve the economy here by demanding American products.  As an increased level of demand occurs, the supply will follow.  These concepts overlap, but improving the economy will improve America's future. 
  2. America’s Economy Past, Present, Future (this includes money, currency, land ownership, and other economic considerations):  American property, that is physical land, should only be available to American citizens.  Otherwise our rich competitive companies will simply win the economic war with America by buying up US property.  In the past, we open our gates to immigration and most of us are products of the melting pot of immigrants (props to the Native Americans).  The American Economy has been based on American products, manufacturing, and hard work in the past, and now needs to return to those values.  If we Make products in America, and we buy American Products, we have control of our own Economy.  If we export more than we import, we have a positive income to our economy. 
  3. American Jobs, Loss of, Retention of, and Recreation of (Manufacturing and Service):  The greedy corporations of America are selling our USA jobs offshore.  We have lost American jobs (personally multiple times) to many other nations.  Americans have given our technology, and lost American technology to patent enforcement failure, so much that our inventiveness seems lost too.  America needs now more than ever to retain American Jobs, onshore American product manufacturing, and bring American services (help desks, service desks, programmers, software development, research, project managers, etc.) back to the USA.  The time is right as offshore wages are on the rise, regulatory integrity offshore is in question, and the American people are waking up.  American manufacturing and services onshore means jobs for millions of Americans.  We are not just talking $64 at Christmas time, this is a persistent need that begins now.
  4. American Worker and Product Safety Standards versus Foreign:  This topic/reason to buy American products is in the news often.  The lack of standards in foreign nations causes inhumane conditions, and allows situations like the recent fire in Bangladesh.  Underaged, overworked, underpaid people in unsafe work conditions are just the beginning of these issues.  Standards require thought and enforcement.  Standards provide a level of safety that the reasonable and prudent person will find acceptable. 
  5. American Quality:  Edward Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran are Americans and the Fathers of the Global Quality Movement.  Together they helped to rebuild Japan after WWII.  With history as our witness, Japan was listening.  Based on their teachings, many Quality Guru's have followed.  In America we have the American Society for Quality that can and does help American companies define and improve the quality of their products.  The quality standards that are touted by ASQ give quality at levels that are needed.  We know how to make product quality match needs and expectations, so lets do it here in America.
  6. Environmental Concerns Healthy Planet, Healthy Lives Energy Consumption:  As the world becomes more environmentally concerned, and awareness of the responsibility of corporations increases, the focus on doing the right thing is increasing.  Dumping, wasting, and gluttony should no longer be tolerated.  Look at most corporate web sites and you will find a Corporate Responsibility page with Environmental concerns and more.  This is a positive trend, and will continue as we the people of earth realize everything we do affects us all.  Have you seen the polution (or at least pictures of the polution) in China?  Remember the Olympics, the Dome, and the polution cloud over it?  My peers in business that travel to China tell me that it is worse there than the Los Angeles smog ever was.  The USA is not the best environmentally however, see the rankings according to Global Sherpa.  America needs to continue making these improvements.
  7. Fair and Free Trade - This is common sense:  Would you trade your house for a cardboard box?  Not likely.  America should not allow unfair trade laws to continue, and should have import gates that shut when imports are higher than exports.  That is being fair and equitable.  The USA should trade globally, but equally.
  8. Fair Wages, Honest Pay for an Honest Day’s Work:   In America, while it does not seem like much, we have minimum wages.  This protects our workers wage levels.  Greedy corporations that do not agree have been finding labor in foreign nations that do not have such regulations to protect those people.  This is unscrupulous to take advantage of unfortunate peoples of the world, and put them in harms way in the name of profits.  This is wrong at so many levels, and again, you can see how these 15 reasons are intertwined.  This relates to the Environment, Safety, Fair Wages and so many other of these reasons. 
  9. Independence, Homeland Security, Self Sufficiency, and the Affect of a Lack of Manufacturing Ability:  The USA must maintain a level of independence to assure our nations security.  Homeland Security calls this  the Critical Manufacturing Sector.  Personally, this should go further.  A pair of socks should be made in the USA so we have that capability to clothe our citizens.  America should become 'net energy self sufficient', meaning that we make enough for ourselves at a minimum.
  10. Offshoring Pain Points, which include communication of specifications, establishing chain of command, and more:  Many engineers have great difficulty in attaining and retaining the quality of their designs as their companies insist on sourcing parts and products offshore.  That makes sense, because it is true you get what you pay for.  The closer an offshore product gets to the intended quality of the American design, the higher the cost rises, and the less attractive it becomes to offshore in the first place.  Contaminated products, careless manufacturing, lack of safety, and all of the other reasons listed in this blog become pain points with offshore ventures.  How about we just commit to the USA and keep it made here, or bring it back here, and avoid or eliminate the pain completely.
  11. Product Testing and Compliance, Regulatory and non-Regulatory:  Testing costs money.  The more proof of product safety the more cost.  Regulations are put in place in America for that reason.  Greedy corporations go offshore to avoid these costs.  Do you want to put Americans in harms way so greed can be satisfied?  Not me. 
  12. The Quality of American Life, incomes, homes, savings, spending, activities, and family:  While nothing is ever perfect, the overall quality of American life has suffered in the past 30 years.  Owning a home, wages, having disposable income, and the ability to educate your children are all suffering.  Buying American products may have an initial cost to you, but in the end the additive affect of millions of Americans buying American products like never before will cause a shift from the current standard of living to a higher level.  Again, this relates to all the points in this list.
  13. Time to Market, Shipping Costs, Affects of these costs on prices and the environment:  Shipping time from China is a big consideration, as well as the added cost for now added value.  That shipping causes carbon emmissions to increase, and given the quantity of China products in the USA right now, that is huge.  Getting products to market from the time the order is placed is a period of time that you can baseline (measure) and improve.  Customers are happier as this goes down.  Just ask BMW or Michilen Tires why them make their products in South Carolina, this is one of the major reasons - it is quicker to market (however many of the other considerations of these 15 points are in their reasoning also). 
  14. Trade Deficit, and Sustainable Trade, this does relate to Fair Trade but is an economic topic unto itself:  The health of America can be partially measured by this simple mathematic truth, are we bleeding money out, or gaining value.  The more products we give our money offshore to, the less that can stay in America.  If our exports grows to exceed the imports, then we stabilize or even prosper.  The balance of trade is fairly simple conceptually, but gets complicated due to unfair regulations - which ties directly to the Fair Trade reasoning.  The point here is to increase exports and decrease imports so that they become equal or favor America positively.
  15. USA versus Foreign Tax, and Import / Export Law:  These reasons are tightly coupled with fair trade, and the Trade Deficit.  While this can be viewed at a high level as a simple equation of respect and equity, Export and Import Regulations are very complicated.  This relates more to the laws,  political environments, and ethical conduct of nations.  India has import taxes that are so high, that our products are inhibited from sale in India.  If that is the way India wants it, fine!  We simply respect their right to impose such taxes and reciprocate with an equilavent set of regulations for their products being imported here.  Simple - Respect.  We treat them as they have indicated they believe is fair.  Same for all other countries, we make it clear that we will be on equal terms.

Please feel free to post comments about this article.  I will moderate, and edit comments so that the comments are family friendly, stated opinions are made with respectful tone, and now swearing will be allowed.  Research, articles, websites, and other materials you want to site will be posted once cleared as family friendly too.  I challenge you to support this article with improvements, and research.  Thanks.



  1. What was Thomas Jefferson vision of the US?
  2. President Barack Obama: My vision for America
  3. Why buy American Products - by
  4. United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
  5. Bangladesh Fire: What Wal-Mart's Supplier Network Missed
  7. Trade Deficit in the U.S. Widens as Exports Slump
  8. Scoring and Ranking the World’s Environmental Performance
  9. Critical Manufacturing Sector: Critical Infrastructure
  10. Does “Net Energy Self Sufficiency” Mean Anything?
  11. Export and Import Regulations and Taxes
  12. International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development

Knock out! Smart Panties with NoTrace Technology

Posted by on August 15, 2012 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Angela Newnam is a Harvard MBA, entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Knock out!® , a company with a Made In America product line. Angela's work, knowledge, and associations in the textile industry have led her to bring women’s panties, men’s briefs, and tee-shirts into the world of high-tech fabrics. Angela acquired the patent for NoTrace® technology and now employs one of the inventors of this technology. The NoTrace®  technology wicks and absorbs at the same time.  NoTrace® is also embedded with odor absorbing molecules.  The result is feeling cool and confident.

Creating the product line and bringing this to market sounds so easy, but I assure you if you read Angela's History , (temporarily unavailable until fixes the file manager), and review the links provided below you will come to know this was anything but easy.  Her drive alone has helped her to create a product line known as Knock out!® Smart Panties™.

When I spoke with Angela, she was very personable,unassuming, and respectful of the  Made In America (USA) Products mission.  She is passionate about her products and that these products be Made In America.  When prodded for reasons that her products are Made In America she gave a list of reasons, and said she "believes it is the right thing to do".  Here are some of the reasons in a bullet format. 

  • A Vision for Americas Future
  • America’s Economy Now
  • American Product Safety Standards
  • American Quality
  • American Worker Safety Standards
  • Energy Consumption
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Fair Wages
  • Independence, Self Sufficiency
  • Manufacturing Jobs
  • Patent Protection
  • Product Development
  • Sustainable Trade

Explaining these reasons is the subject of another blog entry to be written because so many American’s agree with Angela – keep the manufacturing we have here in America, and bring it back here (reshore).  If you buy American, America prospers. 

While Angela and I were talking, we discovered that we have a mutual friend in Jack Marsh, the owner of Hemingway Apparel in Hemingway, South Carolina.  In some of my early research I discovered Jack’s business and entered his business in my Made In America Links page along with Knock out!® Smart Panties™  (the listings are alphabetic).  Jack is now making the Knock out!® Smart Panties™ and other NoTrace® products for Angela at Hemingway Apparel.

I have a pair of NoTrace® men’s briefs and have found that they live up to Angela’s claims and more.  They are comfortable, keep me dry, odor free and are made with meticulous high quality manufacturing.  There are no hanging threads, or scratchy labels, and the ‘fly’ is actually functional.  My Wife and Teen girls all have Knock out! ®Smart Panties™, and love their style and fit.

You can find Angela’s Knock out!® SmartPanties™ and other NoTrace® products at stores in Canada and the USA.  Check her web site for the closest location, ( , or simply buy them online.  Don’t let the cost stop you – these products are worth every penny.  Buy a pair and see for yourself.

See the video produced by WPDE News Channel 15 that introduces you to Angela and Jack, and shows the product, factory, and town.

Other outstanding sources about Knock out!®:

Here is a picture of me wearing a NoTrace® V-neck Tee shirt, my arm is up holding the camera, and I am not a professional model, just a staunch supporter of Made In America products.

Ten Favorite Products Made In South Carolina

Posted by on January 16, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Made In America (USA) Products, as the hosting web site for this blog, is tied to social networking circles in support products made in America Products.  South Carolina is the first State that will be featured by, and @MadeInamericaSC, to highlight Made In America (USA) Products from SouthCarolina specifically.  In a collaborative effort with my new Twitter friend @USALoveList, I am presenting 10 favorite Made In South Carolina products.  Please visit The USA Love List web site to see this Article, specifically produced for USA Love List by Made In America (USA) Products.  

NOTE:  Linking to this content prevents the content from being duplicated and seen as a search engine violation, and achieves the desired goal of writing the article for USA Love List.

Made In America (USA) Products Featured Company of the Week is Wesco

Posted by on December 30, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

See the history and how Wesco Custom Boots are Made in America, today as they have been in Portland Oregon since the early 1900s.  The Great Depression affected the original Boot-maker, but his Family picked up the equipment and continued his dream.

For 93 years, four generations of the Shoemaker family have invested blood, sweat, and tears into a business which is both legacy and legend. From our early days in the timber camps, measuring loggers' feet for boots, to entering the 21st century with the ultimate customer convenience of online ordering, Wesco has surely evolved. But as they say, nothing changes so much as it stays the same.


We're still here in Scappoose, building fine boots with John Shoemaker's unwavering commitment to quality. To see a Wesco boot built is still a beautiful thing - 155 carefully finessed steps from start to finish. In the words of our founder, "A shoe is no better than the leather it is made of - and all the leather on the market is not worth a 'whoop' where there is no shoemaking skill." These words tell our Wesco story - a simple tale of quality that has endured a serious test of time.

Made In America (USA) Products Featured Web Site of the Week is SelectUSA

Posted by on December 22, 2011 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The Featured Site of the Week for Made In America (USA) Products is a Government Web site.  Yes, the Federal Government does have and does add value to the American way through the SelectUSA website.  If you are an American producer, manufacturer, service provider, or just looking for American commercial assistance please visit SelectUSA.   This site describes its expansive American Coverage in several subordinate web pages as follow: HomeAbout SelectUSAIndustry SnapshotsWhy SelectUSAInvestment IncentivesTestimonials;  and Other Resources

The Home page has three 2 inch square blocks that takeyou to the Why SelectUSA, Federal Programs and Incentives for Business, and They Chose the USA.  The initial view may not sound very deep orhelpful, but get into this site and you discover thousands of categories for industry, with subcategories and organizations supporting those types of products.  There is a Map of the United States that you click on your home state to discovery Incentives offered by the State or Territory, with a list of States and Territories under the map.

You could easily spend years using the information that the United States Government is offering you here.  The value of this information is obvious when you see the groups of Associations, Councils, Alliances, Distributors, and other groups just associated with the Consumer Goods Industry (one of thirty plus industries). 

While Made In America (USA) Products has only begun to scratch the surface of this immensely useful online resource,you may expect future articles to cover some of the more deep and open topics covered on this site.  Drilling down into the offerings from this site usually leads you to links that are appropriate for your needs, and will help you, your business, and America. Very widely useful is the Craft and Hobby Association. See what gems you can dig up and post a comment to this article. If you never visit any other American website, you need to see SelectUSA.


Holiday (and year round) Gift Ideas

Posted by on December 18, 2011 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The gift giving season is close, wheather you are a Christian, or other Faith - Americans need to buy as many of their gifts Made In America as they can.  If you believe this, and follow the notion that this will help keep Americans employed - you can go to Twitter and look and Search for the hashtag #Madeinameri .  This will show you recent tweets that have been posted with videos, showing some really creative and easy to find gift ideas - Made in America.  Also, included are some warnings so you can make an informed decision about decieving products.  And check out that Hot new California Company with the Grass Board- really ski on grass - hot this year.

Some of the gift ideas include:  An Army monkey that can be sent via mail, you call to give;  Fishing equipment;  Slinky (the metal one), Igloo Coolers;  Craftsman tools (not the electric ones);  and some delictable edible treats.  Look for more too.  Each holiday, Made In America Products will post on Twitter, videos from Companies and Products that are Made In America. 

Buy American all year round - not just at the holidays.  You can follow us on Twitter in the Left panel now.

Operation Walk America - Mac McQuown US Marine

Posted by on December 15, 2011 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)



On September 11th 2011 I departed from Stafford Virginia and I am walking to the Capital all 50 States. A distance of more then 15,OOO Miles and will take me at least 5 years to complete.


To raise both awareness and funds for All Our Nations Brave and selfless Veterans. Male & Female , Young and old , from both past & current conflicts. Assuring that we shall never ever forget the sacrifices Our Brave Heroes have paid. Last but of course not least for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Featured Web Site: "Spirit of America" Flag

Posted by on December 5, 2011 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

A dedicated patriot, Dale Hemphill has designed the "Spirit of America" flag.  You will see his website, Spirit of America USA, listing in my Made In America Product - Links page in the category of  American Product Websites in Alphabetic order with the other American Products Web sites.  Here is an image explaining what Dale has Created:

This is Trademarked material by Dale.  Please get his permission to use this information, or image(s).

Made In America Stuff - Featured MIA Site of the Month

Posted by on November 30, 2011 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0) is a website that exclusively sells products which are Made in America. If you make or manufacture products in America, they encourage you to consider becoming a merchant with them, and would be honored to showcase your items.


The idea for their website started around Christmas 2008. As they got together to enjoy the season with their family and friends, they discussed the issues facing our country.  Many of them have traveled extensively around the United States and have camped and visited many wonderful places, which is something they have in common with my family. 

You will find the link to  Made In America Stuff on a link in my Made In America Links under the American Products Directory of Links.  Confused?  They have a site similar but different, and we agree that all Americans should be promoting collaborative efforts to Buy American, and therefore we try to make it easy for you to find.

Their link page is:

Featured Business of the Week: Crescent Moon Snow Shoes

Posted by on November 30, 2011 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Working with American Product Owners is awesome.  Jake Thamm, the President and Co-Founder of Crescent Moon Snow Shoes has taken the time to work with me so his listing would be just right.  His products, (which you will find a home page link to in the Made In America - LINKS page in alphabetic order), are high quality and Made In America.  Check out  Cresent Moon Snow Shoes as my Featured American Business of the Week.

Find Crescent Moon Snow Shoes

MadeInAmerica - Find me on


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