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15 Reasons to Buy American Made Products

Posted by on December 15, 2012 at 1:50 PM

If you are asking "why should I buy American" products, then you should consider the following 15 reasons for buying products Made In America as they relate to the global economy. These topics are the topics of many blogs throughout the internet, and on the Made In America (USA) Products website.

For every reason to buy American products you can find more research, articles, and justifications all over the internet.  The research to back up what is being pointed out here can be found in a matter of minutes.  Some links as reference materials for this article have been provided.  You should look for these topics and verify that these points are true for yourself.  We will enhance these points here over time, and you can certainly add comments.  This will not be a STATIC entry.  Please keep comments positive and constructive (not derrogotary).

This list is not a comprehensive list of the reasons for buying Made In USA products, however most other specific topics will fit within the context of one or more of these topics:

  1. A Vision for Americas Future. This can be based on American principles, past and present: Please don't think that Jefferson or Obama determine the ultimate vision for America, those are political views that are balanced by the American political structures.  If you are an American, living in America you can improve the economy here by demanding American products.  As an increased level of demand occurs, the supply will follow.  These concepts overlap, but improving the economy will improve America's future. 
  2. America’s Economy Past, Present, Future (this includes money, currency, land ownership, and other economic considerations):  American property, that is physical land, should only be available to American citizens.  Otherwise our rich competitive companies will simply win the economic war with America by buying up US property.  In the past, we open our gates to immigration and most of us are products of the melting pot of immigrants (props to the Native Americans).  The American Economy has been based on American products, manufacturing, and hard work in the past, and now needs to return to those values.  If we Make products in America, and we buy American Products, we have control of our own Economy.  If we export more than we import, we have a positive income to our economy. 
  3. American Jobs, Loss of, Retention of, and Recreation of (Manufacturing and Service):  The greedy corporations of America are selling our USA jobs offshore.  We have lost American jobs (personally multiple times) to many other nations.  Americans have given our technology, and lost American technology to patent enforcement failure, so much that our inventiveness seems lost too.  America needs now more than ever to retain American Jobs, onshore American product manufacturing, and bring American services (help desks, service desks, programmers, software development, research, project managers, etc.) back to the USA.  The time is right as offshore wages are on the rise, regulatory integrity offshore is in question, and the American people are waking up.  American manufacturing and services onshore means jobs for millions of Americans.  We are not just talking $64 at Christmas time, this is a persistent need that begins now.
  4. American Worker and Product Safety Standards versus Foreign:  This topic/reason to buy American products is in the news often.  The lack of standards in foreign nations causes inhumane conditions, and allows situations like the recent fire in Bangladesh.  Underaged, overworked, underpaid people in unsafe work conditions are just the beginning of these issues.  Standards require thought and enforcement.  Standards provide a level of safety that the reasonable and prudent person will find acceptable. 
  5. American Quality:  Edward Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran are Americans and the Fathers of the Global Quality Movement.  Together they helped to rebuild Japan after WWII.  With history as our witness, Japan was listening.  Based on their teachings, many Quality Guru's have followed.  In America we have the American Society for Quality that can and does help American companies define and improve the quality of their products.  The quality standards that are touted by ASQ give quality at levels that are needed.  We know how to make product quality match needs and expectations, so lets do it here in America.
  6. Environmental Concerns Healthy Planet, Healthy Lives Energy Consumption:  As the world becomes more environmentally concerned, and awareness of the responsibility of corporations increases, the focus on doing the right thing is increasing.  Dumping, wasting, and gluttony should no longer be tolerated.  Look at most corporate web sites and you will find a Corporate Responsibility page with Environmental concerns and more.  This is a positive trend, and will continue as we the people of earth realize everything we do affects us all.  Have you seen the polution (or at least pictures of the polution) in China?  Remember the Olympics, the Dome, and the polution cloud over it?  My peers in business that travel to China tell me that it is worse there than the Los Angeles smog ever was.  The USA is not the best environmentally however, see the rankings according to Global Sherpa.  America needs to continue making these improvements.
  7. Fair and Free Trade - This is common sense:  Would you trade your house for a cardboard box?  Not likely.  America should not allow unfair trade laws to continue, and should have import gates that shut when imports are higher than exports.  That is being fair and equitable.  The USA should trade globally, but equally.
  8. Fair Wages, Honest Pay for an Honest Day’s Work:   In America, while it does not seem like much, we have minimum wages.  This protects our workers wage levels.  Greedy corporations that do not agree have been finding labor in foreign nations that do not have such regulations to protect those people.  This is unscrupulous to take advantage of unfortunate peoples of the world, and put them in harms way in the name of profits.  This is wrong at so many levels, and again, you can see how these 15 reasons are intertwined.  This relates to the Environment, Safety, Fair Wages and so many other of these reasons. 
  9. Independence, Homeland Security, Self Sufficiency, and the Affect of a Lack of Manufacturing Ability:  The USA must maintain a level of independence to assure our nations security.  Homeland Security calls this  the Critical Manufacturing Sector.  Personally, this should go further.  A pair of socks should be made in the USA so we have that capability to clothe our citizens.  America should become 'net energy self sufficient', meaning that we make enough for ourselves at a minimum.
  10. Offshoring Pain Points, which include communication of specifications, establishing chain of command, and more:  Many engineers have great difficulty in attaining and retaining the quality of their designs as their companies insist on sourcing parts and products offshore.  That makes sense, because it is true you get what you pay for.  The closer an offshore product gets to the intended quality of the American design, the higher the cost rises, and the less attractive it becomes to offshore in the first place.  Contaminated products, careless manufacturing, lack of safety, and all of the other reasons listed in this blog become pain points with offshore ventures.  How about we just commit to the USA and keep it made here, or bring it back here, and avoid or eliminate the pain completely.
  11. Product Testing and Compliance, Regulatory and non-Regulatory:  Testing costs money.  The more proof of product safety the more cost.  Regulations are put in place in America for that reason.  Greedy corporations go offshore to avoid these costs.  Do you want to put Americans in harms way so greed can be satisfied?  Not me. 
  12. The Quality of American Life, incomes, homes, savings, spending, activities, and family:  While nothing is ever perfect, the overall quality of American life has suffered in the past 30 years.  Owning a home, wages, having disposable income, and the ability to educate your children are all suffering.  Buying American products may have an initial cost to you, but in the end the additive affect of millions of Americans buying American products like never before will cause a shift from the current standard of living to a higher level.  Again, this relates to all the points in this list.
  13. Time to Market, Shipping Costs, Affects of these costs on prices and the environment:  Shipping time from China is a big consideration, as well as the added cost for now added value.  That shipping causes carbon emmissions to increase, and given the quantity of China products in the USA right now, that is huge.  Getting products to market from the time the order is placed is a period of time that you can baseline (measure) and improve.  Customers are happier as this goes down.  Just ask BMW or Michilen Tires why them make their products in South Carolina, this is one of the major reasons - it is quicker to market (however many of the other considerations of these 15 points are in their reasoning also). 
  14. Trade Deficit, and Sustainable Trade, this does relate to Fair Trade but is an economic topic unto itself:  The health of America can be partially measured by this simple mathematic truth, are we bleeding money out, or gaining value.  The more products we give our money offshore to, the less that can stay in America.  If our exports grows to exceed the imports, then we stabilize or even prosper.  The balance of trade is fairly simple conceptually, but gets complicated due to unfair regulations - which ties directly to the Fair Trade reasoning.  The point here is to increase exports and decrease imports so that they become equal or favor America positively.
  15. USA versus Foreign Tax, and Import / Export Law:  These reasons are tightly coupled with fair trade, and the Trade Deficit.  While this can be viewed at a high level as a simple equation of respect and equity, Export and Import Regulations are very complicated.  This relates more to the laws,  political environments, and ethical conduct of nations.  India has import taxes that are so high, that our products are inhibited from sale in India.  If that is the way India wants it, fine!  We simply respect their right to impose such taxes and reciprocate with an equilavent set of regulations for their products being imported here.  Simple - Respect.  We treat them as they have indicated they believe is fair.  Same for all other countries, we make it clear that we will be on equal terms.

Please feel free to post comments about this article.  I will moderate, and edit comments so that the comments are family friendly, stated opinions are made with respectful tone, and now swearing will be allowed.  Research, articles, websites, and other materials you want to site will be posted once cleared as family friendly too.  I challenge you to support this article with improvements, and research.  Thanks.



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6:10 PM on December 22, 2012 
Hey Denny W,

Thanks for yet another valuable resource, and for stepping up and saying you agree. You should look at my LINK page, I believe I have some resources you might like. Here is another article like the 15 Reasons article, this is published on SQUIDOO as a LENS:
Reply Denny W
3:51 PM on December 22, 2012 
Could not agree more. is another one. I've been using that for a week. I don't know how many products they index, but it seems to know where almost everything is made on and are good too.
8:33 AM on December 20, 2012 
Hey KM,
Thanks for the ccomment on your website Product From. As long as people are aware that a product can be made in both the USA and elsewhere, it is then their responsibility to purchase from the USA source (assuming that is what they want). Thanks for the valuable resource of .

BTW: This source is now posted on
Reply KM
6:53 AM on December 20, 2012 
There are many sites where you can check (before you buy) which products are "Made in USA", for instance (direct link to US-made products: ).
But there are two major problems:
a) only some products are listed ( = 6.000 items);
b) many products are manufactured in more than one country, so if USA is marked as country of origin for one copy of a product, another copy can by made in other country.

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