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UjENA Swimwear, Making Women Feel Sexy Since 1984

Posted by on March 29, 2013 at 8:10 PM

UjENA Swimwear Cut and Sewn

in Northern California,

Ready for Spring

UjENA Swimwear is handmade in Mountain View California.  You can get women's swimwear made with style in America!  The first time I heard of UjENA was in a Follow Friday Tweet where they were mentioned, so I followed them and looked at their website.   Their Twitter profile says that their swimsuits are made in California, which caught my attention.  Finally, a fun product to promote.  It is a tough task but someone has to do it...  I had to pour over hundreds of swimsuit pictures to get just the right ones for this blog.  It was painful (lol). 

UjENA has so many YouTube videos, I had to watch them to decide which ones to show you here too.  In my research I discovered that the swimwear could be categorized by styles, and organized this Lens by style.  You will find a picture of the style, a heading and sub-heading, some text about that picture, followed by a YouTube video, and some swimsuits from Amazon.  The UjENA Twitter account last 5 tweets are shown near the end of the lens, then there is a little about me.  I hope you like products Made In America and follow some of my work here on Squidoo, on Twitter, and on my website

UjENA has been "making Women feel sexy since 1984", which is the UjENA Tag LineUjENA was founded in 1984, almost 30 years ago.  The company is strong, has a great variety in their product line, and cares about their customers.  UjENA is responsive in every way a business should be, for example when I Tweet to them, they respond with very plesant and direct messages. 

UjENAs maturity includes a full product line of:  SwimdressesOne PieceTwo PieceTankinis; Bikinis; and Cover-ups.  They have partner and wholesale programs for the ambitious sales folks as well.  UjENA cares about the health and fitness of their customers and have a web section dedicated to health of their customers.  Size and fit of their products is well described and they carry swimwear for all women, not just a stereotype.  My favorite thing about UjENA is their products are Made In America.


UjENA Diamond Head Chamois & Jungle Twist 

Made In America, Mountain View, California, Just for You! 


The Diamond Head Bikini caught my eye immediately.  It stands out from all the rest, and trancends brands as well.  It is primitive and playful yet stylish all at the same time. Three options on the Diamond Head Bikini below include:   a medium size Set;  a Bikini Bottom only option, (not Sponge Bob);  and a Chamois variation.


The Jungle Twist was the second bikini that caught my eye and ranks second only to the Diamond Head.  But everyone has their own perspective, so I thought it was a good idea for you to see another eye catching beauty.  Two size combinations of the Jungle Twist are presented here.


Two Piece Swimwear in History

Bikini History in Brief

If you carve away a Woman’s swimwear down to the point that only the needed coverage and ties remain, (based on social norms), you have a bikini. Apparently the navel is ok to show wherever bikini’s are culturally approved. The two piece swimwear known now as a bikini has historic evidence of existence as far back as 1600 BC. My guess is that the bikini goes back in history to the existence of Woman.

The name bikini came from Louis Reard in 1946, a mechanical engineer from France. There are thoughts about why this name, and reference is made to Bikini Reef, an island in the south pacific. In the same or near the same time frame, Jacques Heim had created what he called the “Atome”, a swimsuit for women small like the smallest know particle to man the “atom”. Louis Reard began selling his bikini on the French Riviera. Louis Reard was the obvious winner in marketing, because the name bikini dominated, and Louis is credited with ’inventing’ the bikini.

When you think about the functionality of a bikini, it’s purpose is to cover the parts of a Woman’s anatomy deemed by society to be inappropriate if uncovered in public. Two possible reasons include censorship and practicality. Censorship has its base in the belief that an uncovered Woman will arouse lust. This is arguable, but not in the scope of this lens. The practical reasons, even in a non-prudish society, for the design of the bikini make sense based on the Woman’s monthly cycle and lactating coverage. In the reading that I have done on this topic, no one has clear evidence of the reasons for the bikini like design, so I submit that what makes the most sense is probably the reasoning.


Beach House Tankini, Video


Ujena Beach House Tankini Z211

Handmade in the UjENA California factory.


UjENA Swimwear - Made In America, Mountain View California" target="_blank">" target="_blank">@UjEnaSwimwear

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