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One of the versatile ways Bamboo can be used; Deodorize your Homes with Bamboo!

Posted by Todd Andrews on November 24, 2013 at 12:20 AM

You have heard of bamboo clothing and the many benefits theathletes who wear them have testified. Their comfort, the cooling and heatingeffect it provides during climatic changes. The wicking properties the fabrichas to persons who live active lives and have the potential to perspire a lot.The anti-bacterial properties it produces in not having to contend with beingsmelly if you wear the garment continuously during the day after heavyworkouts.


Bamboo is also incredible useful in providing you with odorfree homes. Can you imagine the benefits of charcoal? Well this is what bamboocharcoal does; it deodorizes your homes, closets, shoes, gym bags,refrigerators, storage boxes,  anywhereyou have potential for smelly, bamboo charcoal will eliminate the odor. Whatthe charcoal does is to absorb the odor from whatever and wherever it isplaced. The product is environmentally friendly, and no chemicals are used tomanufacture this product.


The charcoal is packaged in sachets that can be placed inall the areas mentioned above. The smaller space requires a 0.9 oz sachet fordeodorizing. These spaces can be shoes gym bags or drawers. The medium spacesrequire uses of 5.3 oz sachet to deodorize the fridge, cabinets, storage boxesand spaces of those sizes. The larger spaces require 17.6 oz sachets that willeliminate odor from rooms and closets of 90 square meters. Use more sachets ifan area is larger, and in order to obtain maximum results.


The sachets are useable for up to 12 months. They can beplaced in direct sunlight for 2 hours once per month in order to maintain itseffectiveness. During the 12 months, you may notice the discoloration of thesachet packaging; this is to show you the amount of pollutants it has beeneliminating from your surroundings. When the package is completely discolored,you know it is time to put out a new batch. The used sachets of bamboo charcoalcan be torn, and the charcoal pieces placed in the soil of your potted plants,to provide nutrients and help to retain moisture in the soil. This is calledrecycling!  Isn’t this wonderful? Nothingis wasted as the pieces breakdown easily in the soil.


Bamboo charcoal is manufactured from the Moso’ Bamboo and itcan be had in British Columbia.Not because it is a plant from the grass family makes it less viable. The manyuses of this incredible plant are inexhaustible, and I believe there are manymore uses that we have not thought of as yet.

Have a look at few bamboo products here.


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11:27 AM on January 7, 2014 
I love Bamboo. I have 800 Square Feet in 2 plots with root barriers containing Rubromarganata Philiostasys (ruby bamboo). I eat the shoots, have tons of canes for use as garden stakes, and it looks awesome. Thousand of varieties are available. Please consider posting more about the process to harvest, and turn into cloth - would love to read that. Thanks for your posting.

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