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Retailer Websites with Search for Made In America

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In my efforts over the past 5 years or so, I have run into a number of web sites that do allow a focused search on "Made In America" products. I recently received the following note from a Peer outlining one store in particular:

Hope all is well!!

I was just searching on the Bed bath and beyond website and I really wanted to only look at products Made in the USA. Well, when I typed "Made in the USA," it gave me every product in every department that was strictly Made in the USA. I was thrilled!

I did the same thing for some other retailers. However, when I tried to search for the term "Made in the USA," for some of them, nothing came up.

Just thinking from a more conscientious perspective, adding "Made in the USA" as a searching capability to websites would be a great idea. Not sure if you have any contacts in some stores or who you could pass this along to...

I think more people are becoming conscientious of what they buy, where it is made and was materials are being use and this could really support that initiative.

Just some food for thought! :)

What a great way to contact me. Thanks.

I do know that Amazon has not given into this concept. I have no statement from Amazon, but that created the advertising niche that I am exploiting in my store. I research what is Made In America on Amazon and put only those items in my store. This is troubling because Amazon is constantly updating it's inventory. I love the Amazon concept, but wish they would follow suit with a search outlining all products Made In America. They have a data field that is specifically for Country of Origin, but do not force listings to make an entry. This is up to them, so I leave it there.

I have noticed a huge shift is American thinking over the past 5 years from complacency to now caring. If I had a scale of caring if something was Made In America or not (only for Americans), it would be somewhat linear, going from around 10% 5 years ago to 25% now caring if what they buy is Made In America or not. That could be substantiated with a scientific poll, and some figures from retailers. I am not going to conduct this poll, but rather intuitively submit this as what I see.

In that light, my objectives and goals for this site are shifting from "providing a source" to suggesting a vision for America. We need to become more spiritually connected to the rest of the world. We need to break free of the commercial advertising that sets our minds subliminally to be consumers of things we do not need. We need to eat better and tell the fast food chains to get better foods. We need to get fluoride out of our water. We need to tell the government that lithium should not be the next poison additive to our water supply. There are so many things that would improve our FREEDOM. There are pieces of many groups concepts that I will introduce in the years to come to help America become a truly enlightened country, free from the mind control of the rich (sounds paranoid, but I assure you the rich families that control us will not be happy if we break free of their controls).

Look for more links on various topics. Read them, view the videos, take what you can. There are intelligent ways to improve our country and bring back the Fore Fathers Visions - "for the people, by the people, and of the people".




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