Of Homonyms and Well being Insurance coverage

HOMONYM: a phrase the identical as one other in sound and spelling however completely different in which means

Medical insurance, automotive insurance coverage, house insurance coverage and life insurance coverage are all “insurances” however are essentially completely different. The confusion engendered by these homonyms lies on the coronary heart of the misunderstandings plaguing our nationwide debate on well being care coverage. All insurance coverage is a raffle, handicapping the danger of an accident or getting sick. Automotive insurance coverage and residential insurance coverage restrict the monetary impression of damages to our property and life insurance coverage protects our households if we die early. Nonetheless with medical insurance we’re betting not solely cash, however the lives of well being of each ourselves and our households. auto insurance sr22 california

While you, or your employer checks that little field, the choice locks you into a bunch of medical doctors and hospitals whose high quality can decide your households future. Excellent care can save your life, unhealthy care can damage it. The final word irony is that most individuals have not a clue about easy methods to consider these decisions, and they’re most frequently made on monetary concerns alone. As I mentioned on August 9, the financial worth of the medical care you obtain can change into infinite whenever you get sick. Understanding and rationally responding to this poorly appreciated actuality is one objective of this weblog.

The article cited right now discusses the poor reception of excessive threat swimming pools for individuals with preexisting situations who’re in any other case not insurable. I predicted this in a previous submit(Oct 27). The underlying drawback, now appreciated now by the mainstream press, is that the price of these plans is simply too excessive. What the writers don’t perceive is that the people declining this costly insurance coverage notice they will nonetheless get care beneath medicaid or indigent providers. When insurance coverage prices get too excessive, the prices revert to the federal government, both straight or not directly. As insurance coverage charges rise for the remainder of us, extra individuals will select this default “authorities” choice, dooming the plans of Obamacare and different reformers. My advocacy of a two tiered system (Oct 25 submit) is in recognition of this inescapable actuality. A security internet for all, insuring primary care would assure that medical insurance could be a raffle with cash, not life.

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