Yahoo Search Engine Ranking Is Easier Than Google SEO

Every blogger would definitely want to get a high page ranking with the search engines. After all, a high page rank would mean greater traffic, and this is practically what every web site owner aims for. If more traffic is directed into a web site, there is a greater possibility for the contents of the site to be read, and more importantly, for products and services to be promoted. As such, many methods and techniques are employed just to get a search engine ranking from two of the most popular search engines today, Google and Yahoo.

Each of these search engines has their own algorithms in determining the page ranking. While gaining a high rank with these Yahoo and Google are equally important, most people concentrate most of their efforts in Yahoo since its ranking is easier than Google. But, is this really true?

Most SEO discussions tend to focus on Google for the mere fact that it has undoubtedly dominated the marketplace. However, ignoring Yahoo would not really be a smart choice. Although Google may have sheer domination, Yahoo holds approximately 20% of the US search engine market alone, and this figure is certainly not a joke. Moreover, Yahoo is also a content provider which has a different approach to search and the SERPs than Google. Some of its content products include Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Real Estate, and Yahoo Health to name a few. These products would definitely help your web site into the map. Moreover, Yahoo still maintains a directory and paid inclusion program. Subscribing to the inclusion program could mean earning a bias in the SERPs, which consequently affects the rankings as well. As such, a Yahoo search engine ranking is indeed easier than Google 토토커뮤니티.

In fact, the fastest and easiest way of getting your site into the Yahoo SERPs is by joining their inclusion program where you need to pay and submit your site. Moreover, they have more lenient linking policies than Google. Yahoo does not really pay much attention to link age or link domain unlike Google. With Yahoo SEO, you are pretty much allowed to be aggressive on onsite optimization of the page. This fact alone is already a great advantage over getting a Google ranking.

Since Yahoo is smaller than Google, it has more human reviews of the sites. As such high quality sites will tend to get a higher boost from human reviews. Although nobody particularly knows how this review goes about, one thing is definitely certain, and that it is different from that of Google which tends to rely 100% on its math algorithm.

Therefore, while it is undeniable that getting a search engine rank with Yahoo is easier than Google, it is far more subjective. Moreover, you need to consider the fact that while it is indeed easier, they only hold about 20% of the market share. Thus, if you want to be guaranteed of high page ranking in search engines, it is advisable to consider both Yahoo and Google in mind.

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